Friday, March 31, 2023

Jared's "Lost in Life"

Over the years, this blog has had a wide array of alliteration-based names. The original name was "Lost in Laie" which took how I felt navigating my life at the time and my location of Laie, Hawaii. When I would go home to Mesa for the summer breaks the blog was called "Menace in Mesa." That was a reference to a quote by a church leader saying that anyone over 25 and single was a menace to society. For the nearly 10 years I lived in Guam the blog was retitled once again to "Gone In Guam," which I thought was still pithy and fit well. Upon moving back to Arizona, but no longer single and a "menace" I decided to change the name to "Phloudering in Phoenix" -- a placeholder name I had a hard time replacing with something better. I was unemployed when I moved to Arizona, so... floundering. I had to play fast and loose with the spelling and the fact that I don't actually live in Phoenix. After some time and consideration I have decided it is time to once again readjust the title of this frankly neglected blog. 

World, welcome to "Lost in Life." A return to the vibe and meaning of the original title, but now untied to the location I am in. I think that as I change my life and location this title may just be able to stay with me for the long haul. In truth, I am feeling a bit lost in life. Not some major existential crisis or anything. But I was thinking about my life and the direction it has been going in recently. Then it occurred to me today that I hadn't posted here in nearly 5 years! 

To say that my life has changed a lot since that time would be an understatement. I am unsure at this time, but I am debating on going back in time and recreated posts to fill in the gap. 

Here's a short summary of the major life changes since then: 

  • The weight loss I last posted about in 2018 has pretty much stuck. I'm still at a healthy weight. 
  • I've taken my chosen method of exercise, running, to a new level. Now I run more than a 5K every weekday before I got to work. I have run a formal half marathon twice and plan to run a full marathon in 2024.
  • I now work at EVIT teaching computers full time, where I was part time in 2018. I needed to make more money because...
  •  My wife of 12 years decided in 2019 that she didn't love me any more. She summarily dumped me and I was a single father for some time. 
  • I couldn't let a good personal tragedy like that go to waste, so I tried my hand at standup. I got to the point where I was doing standup 2-3 nights a week and started hosting at a comedy club as a regular. 
  • My friend and co-worker, Steve Grosz, had a stroke (but did fully recover). That openend up an opportunity for me to fill in on the radio station KPNG 88.7 FM the Pulse. That turned into a daily spot. 
  • That whole covid-19 pandemic thing happened. I stayed on the air and even got more airtime as a result. And with that, my stage time as a standup comedian slowly diminished. 
  • Steve Grosz then quit the school and radio station and I shortly was the primary personality for the morning drive at the station until the new station manager ran the place to the ground I left. 
  • I met, dated briefly, and then married a woman I met online who lived in Utah. Her name is Oogii and she and her daughter moved to join me and my two kids in Mesa. Her daughter is named Zaya, which matched the name of my daughter, Maia, surprisingly well. But it does cause some confusion when we yell for one or the other.
  • I took a second teaching job as Mesa Community College as an adjunct professor nights and weekends.
  • I was awarded the best high school teacher in the East Valley by a newspaper.

And now you are somewhat caught up, albeit without any of the juicy details. I feel like the last 5 years has permanently changed who I am. For better or worse. I don't know where this crazy life will take me or what is lying ahead. What I do know is that I'm just stumbling my way through it like everyone else. And that's why I am now... "Lost in Life."

Friday, December 28, 2018

169 and Feelin' Fine...

The holidays are always tricky for the weight watchers of the world. This has been my first Thanksgiving and Christmas below 200 lbs. since I was in diapers. So naturally, I've been a bit nervous going into the season. With both holidays now past, let's see where my current weight is as of this morning...

For the eagle eyed this needs no explanation. But for the rest of us, we are looking at a chart showing my weight on a monthly basis from Jan '18 to Dec '18. On the high end we see roughly 250 lbs. but on the low end, the count is now a svelte 169.6 lbs. My first goal of 220 blew by. My second goal of 200 is in the rear view mirror and now my third goal of 185 seems downright chubby. I settled on 175 (which is where the small trophy icon sits). Even through the dreaded Thanksgiving/Christmas challenge I have reached a new personal record of 169 lbs. 

I guess that means I can really let myself go at the New Year's Eve party. Cheese ball, here I come!

Monday, October 29, 2018

What is That Between My Legs? Is That A...

This journey that has been my weight loss has been filled with adventure, twists and turns. Things I never saw coming continue to surprise and occasionally delight me. Today one such event occured. As I was doing a round of sit-ups--as I often do now--I paused in mid-crunch to look at Anna across the room as she was speaking to me. I realized that I was able to see her... from between my thighs. Is that...? Can it...? Could it possibly be true?

Yes! For the first time since in utero, I have a thigh gap. I hadn't thought it was metaphysically possible, yet there is was. In all of its negative spacial glory. I'm now the proud owner of my very own thigh gap. Oh, how the other guys at the gym will be so jealous.

But now as I write this, I realize this is a bit of a responsibility I am not prepared for. What do I do with a thigh gap? How do I take care of it? Do you feed a thigh gap? If so, what? Or does feeding it actually kill it? So many unanswered questions. I've said this before and I'll say it again, "Where is a supermodel when you need one?" If anyone is well qualified to answer my litany of questions they are.

I suppose I better stop blogging and get onto Google to find out more about thigh gap nurturing. It's too late for "What to Expect When You're Gap-ing." I better jump straight to "On Becoming Gap-wise." 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

I'm Still Demented...

I'm happy to announce my return to radio with a new radio show called "Still Demented." This show pays homage to Dr. Demento, (but not close enough to be sued...). We (my co-host is Steve Grosz) play fun novelty music, stand-up comedy and just have a great time.

We air each Sunday at 8am and again 8pm. You can listen live in the Phoenix metropolitan area on 88.7 FM. We stream online at  We also will have each episode available as a podcast; look for it on iTunes.

Come on, listen along and be demented with me!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Let's Do Lunch... with My New Podcast...

I've been a busy boy lately. I've been continuing my efforts on as a tech review site. I've been entertaining out-of-town in-laws for the last month. And I've been renewing my efforts to get my IT business, Bodine Tech, off the ground.

But, while doing all of that, I've also been producing my own podcast.

Let's Do Lunch is a podcast with a friend of mine from high school, Jon K., that I recently reconnected with. We always have fun and off-the-wall conversations. I decided it would be fun to meet with him every 2 weeks over lunch and let the rest of the world join in our good times.

Let's Do Lunch is the length of a typical lunch hour minus travel, so about 40-50 minutes. It's available on all the standard platforms as well. The links to all of the various sources is below. Next time you are eating lunch by yourself, or doing house work, or just want some company, give us a listen!