Saturday, August 30, 2003

Comfortably Numb...

I have become comfortably numb. Contrary to belief, it's not all that its cracked up to be.
Note to self: Pink Floyd lied.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Class day one...

Ya, it was...well...class. Ya know. School would be so much more fun if only those pesky classes didnt get in the way.
Today i was livid in one of my classes. It was the arbitrary P.E. class. I hate those classes. I hated them in grade school, i hated them in junior high, and high school. Why did i think in would enjoy them any more when I was in college? Well, i didnt really think i would. Its a core class i have to take. ya, that sucks. I figured i could just take it. When i get to the room, i find a young spry guy who seems like he might be cool. His name is Jared even. But sad expirence has only taught me that everybody else with the name of Jared is evil. The brother of Jared was good, but Jared...well....sub-par. Then there was that supid subway Jared. Ya, he sure progressed the name. So this jared goes thru the rules and class outline. Unlike most P.e. teachers, he saw it fit not to greade us on effort or improvement, he acctually thought it best to have us run a mile and a half and tell us where we fit in the "scientivically determined" ideal scale for us. If we hit par (i guess thats the word of the day), then an A. anything else, less. Same with bench presses, pushups, situps, etc. So, the jist is that out effort, medical condition or history. There is a reason i majored in COMPUTER GEEKDOM instead of Muscle Brain. I dont find it fair to have my accidemic standing suffer due to my phisical performance not meeting the criteria of some over educated scientists who probably couldnt make thier own quota. As soon as i was done with my classes i promply went to my counelor and switched to another teacher on a different day. I would drop the class altogether, but like i said, it is a core. I also droped it due to the fact that I have a class before it on one side of the campus, then i have that class on the other. I only have one hour to dress out, run, sweat and do all of those fun things, get back into the shower, change again and make it to my next class (institute) on the exact oposite side of campus and sit next to hotties who will i am sure wonder why i smell like i have just been running in circles in muggy tropical heat and look disgurntled for it as if i couldntl even get a passing grade on it. But that would never happen anyway.
Now i have that same class, different teacher, at 8 am. But no class after it. I can live with that. so i saved myself a semester i know i would not enjoy.
I did acually enjoy walking around and seeing all of my firends back today. Well, not ALL of my friends back, but my friends who did come back. I found out that many of them are engaged. And some i cant even say yet. I promised I wouldnt. I cant belive that i have to keep that a secret to my own blog, which, in case you cant tell yet, is now my journal entry for the day too. Why not? I just cant put the real good stuff in here. I have to cut and paste this and add the juicy stuff later. SPeaking of which, it's time to do that....

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

First Post...

Blog one. Stardate, 1.456.3482 and 3 halfs. I saw some friends blogs, so i figured that i would make one too. I doubt that i will ever keep this up to date well, but its fun and is like a journal, but everybody reads it and i cant put the really juicy stuff there. I am gearing up for school to start tomorrow. That should be the opposite of fun. I also spent time today making my website.
it should be basically up to date.
ok, tired of the computer now.