Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My First 5K...

After running around my apartment parking lot for a few months now, I decided it was time to take my exercise to the next level. After a few weeks I started to clock and measure my route. It turned out I was running as much as 8k every other night.
For what ever reason, I felt the next logical step was to join an organized 5k run. I went to a local sport store and grabbed a banner for the next 5k in Guam. It happened to be just about the largest Guam has ever had.

The 5k was sponsored by Pay-Less Supermarkets, which is the largest supermarket chain in Guam. With my $5 entrance fee I got a reusable bag and a sports bottle that would be just about big enough for me to use for sacrament on Sundays.

The worst part about this 5k for me would be the time. I run at night, when it’s cool and I’ve finished dinner and rested a bit. This 5k was to start at 6am, with a show time of 5:30 or sooner. ‘nuff said.

Anna and I got up about 4:45 am and slowly got ready. It was torture. At least I had Anna with me. She refused to run it with me, but she was there for me the whole time.
I was floored when I got to the meeting point. The crowd was massive. If you take a walk around the mall’s food courts in Guam you’ll think there is not one person on island that could do 1k, let alone 5. Where were all these fit people hiding? Well, apparently not in the food courts and fast food joints I frequent.

When time comes to roll I find myself in the back of a very large multitude. I never expected to get first, but being this far back in the pack I knew would lose a good minute or two until the herd thinned out some.

I ran like I never have before. Was I fast? No, but I never stopped. I never slowed down and I never walked a foot.

Also, along the way, I took the liberty of filming the monumentous event. I got many an odd look, but the video preservation of the memory is worth it.

I came in at…well, not first place. But I did get my fastest time ever on a 5K. And I had the satisfaction of saying that I’ve done it.

But don’t just read all about it. I’ve put together a documentary style video of it all. A caution now, it’s a full length video, 22 minutes long, broken into 3 bite size pieces. If you like documentaries, you’ll enjoy this style. If not, I still want you to watch it…


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anna's Momisms...

When I was a kid, my family's favorite subject of discussion were Momisms. These are usually quotes, sometimes actions, of our mom. The kind where you wonder what was going on in her head. Like the time we all were escorted to our van and my mom freaked out that the van carpet had been stolen. They didn't take the stereo or anything else, just the carpet. A few minutes later it was discovered that she just put us into someone else's van. Or one time my mom was reading the news about a girl that had been raped. One of my siblings asked my mom what was for dinner and without flinching she said, "Sex." We all assumed she was just thinking of the article and didn't actually mean that...well, we hoped at least.

I did a post about the freakishly similar attributes I notice between my wife and my mother a year ago. I still frequently think of new things. And I'm glad that even though I have moved out, I still get new Momisms through my wife. Her latest two had me laughing for days on end.

  • We were driving home in the evening and as we passed a homeless guy with his shopping cart full of garbage Anna asks me, "Where do all the homeless people live?"

  • It's the end of the day and we are getting ready for bed. I reach over to get some blanket coverage and Anna warns me, "Careful, my hand is full of fingers."

And just like my mom, if you ask them about the story or even just bring it up, they will tell their version of the story to explain what they really meant. Of course, this only makes it worse and in the end no one really cares what they meant. What they said was just too funny and must be shared with the world.

P.S. I love you, Anna. Don't hurt me for posting this. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Pied Piper of Hamburgers...

Is it just me, or is this blog turning into a exercise journal?

Anyway, I noticed another thing in my life that I think must be a result of my exercise efforts.

When I was younger and skinnier, I was the kid's fun guy. For what ever reason, children always wanted to play with me. I was Uncle Fun and my sister, Lacey, was Aunt Boring to my nieces and nephews. On more than one occasion I could simply sit on the couch, motionless, and the kids would just crawl all over me like a piece of playground equipment.

On my mission, it was the same thing. Even though I was a visitor and didn't know these kids personally, they just took to me. And that has not really changed over the years. But I noticed that about the same time I got married, that stopped. I thought it was that I was getting old, or maybe now that I was married I was too much of an "adult" to be fun.

In the time that I have been loosing some weight recently, there has been a resurgence of kids wanting to play with me again. Toddlers that previously would run the other way from me at church are not scared of me any more. Just this last week I attended a Geocaching event. There were some 7-10 yr old kids there. Before I knew it, I was their new best friend. I don't think I acted any different, I didn't feed them or anything. They must have just decided that I wasn't some scary human blob any more.

It's nice that kids are not so scared or uncomfortable around me now. In a year or so, Anna and I hope to have a child of our own. The last thing I want is be there at the birth of our child and have it cry in horror at the first sight me. But then again, if my child is afraid of me, then I wouldn't be able to change the diapers, give the baths and other chores... hm. Maybe I'll deep fry a Snickers bar for lunch today...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Best Email Moments...

Today I got an email from an old friend of mine from BYUH (the friend isn't old, just our friendship). I have to admit that I look forward to email from her probably more than anyone else I know. Every time I read an email from her I always end up laughing out loud. And when I reply to her, I often find myself inspired to be just was witty in my replies.

All of this fun email banter got me thinking of the funny stuff that has gone on in my email correspondence over the years. Since I switched to Gmail, I have not thrown a single email away. So in my free time I've been looking through my archives for funny, quirky or just down-right weird conversations. And below is the result.

March 4, 2009
Jared: "I don't think I'll ever get to the point of Mr. Universe. Probably not even Mr. Galaxy or Mr. O-Zone layer. I'd settle for Mr. Ambient Air."


May 11, 2005

Wendy Hayes: "I was trying to keep a smile but due to my mood, they must have thought I was like a creature in the wild just bearing my teeth in hopes of keeping them at bay."


August 4, 2006
Chris Rusch: "So you are one day ahead of us. You are in the "Future". I dub thee "Future Jared". Wise sage, who has seen things that will come, what wisdom dost thou have to impart with those of us stuck in the present. "Future Jared" will you use your powers for good, like the guy in the show early edition. Or can you only warn us of dangers to come.

So "Future Jared" other then living in the future, what other powers do you posses.

I am "Uncanny Sense of Direction Chris". I almost made the X-men."

Jared: "Ya, I could use a sidekick, "Uncanny Sense of Direction Boy." Sorry, You have to have "boy" attached to your title to be superhero sidekick. It's the law.

I can tell you something about the future...it will be Friday tomorrow for you. I know this, because it is Friday for me now as I am "Future Jared!" Able to leap a day in a single...well...leap! "

Chris: "Okay "Future Jared" what kind of superheroes will we be? Tough and gritty along the lines of the Punisher and Batman Begins. Or fun friendly like, well, I cannot think of anyone in particular, there are not many family friendly Superheroes anymore.

The first thing that we must do is to put weapons in the Magnum. Maybe some magnums if you know what you mean."

Jared: "Tuff and gritty is pretty cool now adays. Let's admit it, Aqua man in his horribly matching uniform scares no one. And I want to stay clear of any possible link towards the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

Definatly have to pimp out my Magnum. Maybe we could use some sort of pun, and make my car also act as a sort of weapon in and of itself, like, you know, the other magnum. It will also have the regular stuff: flame thrower, oil slicks, bombs, armor plating, guided missiles, cool but ultimately useless ejector seats...Oh, and cup holders large enough for those big 64 oz'ers at the gas station."


May 7, 2004
LaDawn (My sister): "With all the information you shared with me in your last e-mail, what I found to be the most informative was that you call yourself Suzan in your own internal dialogues. I'll have to ask Dr. Phil about that one."

Jared: "I think calling my self Suzan is perfectly reasonable. Dr. Phil calls himself Loretta."


July 2, 2004
Jared: "I have one new mom thing for you. We went to Sossburg again and got a giant Doner Kabab. After watching the guy cut the meat off the huge carcass and while eating, mom says, "This is just chicken."

"Mom, how big were the chickens when you grew up?"

"I'm telling you, it's chicken."

I took some footage of a guy slicing off the huge slabs and embarrassed mom some more. Chalk that one up to the list."


September 28, 2004

Kris (My brother): "

10. Shopping at "StraussMart"

9. Hearing Dad dissing the Italians with "they can cook and sing but can't do ANYTHING else" comments in front of a bunch of Italians in Italy

8. Hearing Mom say she was Ok while climbing up a steep ice cave (meanwhile practically coughing up blood)

7. Watching Dad bow "thank you" to everyone like a Chinese diplomat

6. Hearing Mom try to speak Spanish to everyone she met in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, and Germany

5. When Dad pinched Aaron on the butt

4. When a teacher (who turned out to be American), behind us standing in line for the Vatican, interupted one of Ladawn and Aaron's typically choice conversations with "I just wanted you guys to know that I have students coming and they're going to hear everything you're saying"

3. Eating flesh loaf at a highway restaurant

2. When Dad hit his head on a sneeze guard in France

and finally........

1. When Mom used a men's urinal in Venice and said "gee, that toilet was kind of low!"


February 18, 2006

LaDawn: "No, I don't have much time for TV. I'd have to lose sleep to do it and frankly, sleep is way more important."

Jared: "That is your problem. There is always time for tv. Why not when you fold laundry, or when you leave the kids unattended in a bathtub full of water playing with their favorite paper weights and toasters?"


December 30, 2006

LaDawn: "Well, I guess every mom is crazy (except for me)."

Jared: "Oh, and by they way, you are crazy too."

LaDawn: "crazy's all relative"

Jared: "yes, crazy is all relative, and all of my relatives are crazy... :)"

LaDawn: "I knew you were going to say that."


December 18, 2006

Jared: "If you heard the rumors about Jared, they are true...

No, not that rumor, I didn't collect backed-up hair in the dorm room showers to sell to wig makers. But the other rumor is true:

I, Jared Bodine, have actually convinced a girl to marry me. And a smart, wonderful and attractive one at that! "

Jarrett Mills: "miracles never cease do they?"


December 29, 2008

Jared: "So is this triathlon talk true? That's way cool. I could never get into that. Too much sweating and what not. I'm getting winded just writing this email."


May 29, 2004

Rebecca Monson: "A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. [...] Polar bears are left-handed."

Jessica Monson (to Jared): "AREN'T YOU LEFT HANDED?"

Jared: "Yes. Yes I am...and I'm also half pig (most girls tell me that I am one anyway...)"

Jessica: "eeewwwww (full body shiver)"


August 9, 2006

Jared: "You know [Jessica] hasn't said one word to me since a week before her marriage. I called, no answer. I left a message, no call back. I emailed, nothing."

Rebecca: "Since they got married it is even hard for me to get an answer out of them. Getting an answer out of them is like herding cats or trying to nail jello to a tree."

Jared: "They are overly twitterpated. Someone should slap them."

Rebecca: "I'm first in line! They are overly twitterpaited...but I guess in marriage you wouldn't want it any other way!

Jared: "Ya, true that. When I'm married, you'll never know if I'm alive. In fact, I'm changing all email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, my legal name, my gender...well, maybe not that one."


May 4, 2004

Jeff Taylor: "I am so lucky to be your friend."

Jared: "Uh, I'd say the same but...well...ya know..."


June 4, 2004

Jessica Monson: "this made me think of you:
When talking about Margaret Dumont, the actress who frequently played the inept dowager who acted as a punching bag for Groucho's verbal insults, she claimed the secret to their chemistry is that she never understood what he was saying."

Jared: "So, the only reason you put up with me is that my humor and intellect is above you and you don't understand it...?"

Jessica: "truly you have a dizzying intellect....I'm saying that the reason we get along so well is that we don't understand each other or perhaps that's why we don't get along so well. chew on that one for a while..."

Jared: "Now chew on this...trident..."


November 4, 2004

Jared: "So, did I tell you that I was single again? ya, i broke up with my Vietnamese girl. Every time we hung out i was just hungry again in an hour."


July 24, 2003

Chris Lavoie: "You, sir, would be the man. Fo' Shizzle My Nizzle."

Jared: "I'm not too sure if your "nizzle" is what i think it is,
but i would never NEVER "Shizzle" that."


October 7, 2003

Jared (to sister just after child birth): "anywho congrats. give Aaron a pat on the back. I guess its the customary thing to do. Guys like to take all the credit for impregnating a girl and likewise for the actual birth."


August 25, 2006

Jared: "It seems that either airports know to be in the slums, or the slums migrate to the airport. Either way, I want a golden paved and heavily armed special road to get there."

I know I have some more real gems in my archives somewhere. Maybe some day when I'm old and retired with nothing better to do, I'll find them all. Until then, only the ever watchful eye of the Google servers will know what humor lies untapped.