Friday, January 01, 2010

A Brand New Year...

So after Saipan and Tinian we had a couple days left to enjoy home with my parents. We spent a lot of time working on the house as well. The yard looks a bit like jungles of the Amazon. With my parents help, it’s become a bit more like the Serengeti. I hope to make it somewhere safe enough to let little Maia run around back there safely. It’s surprising that a small yard can have so many hidden dangers. Holes, rocks, block, bricks, pipes and even a door to two. Every time I clean up I find a new item. Yesterday I found a dog bowl. I wonder how long before I find the remains of said dog...

My parents last night in Guam was Dec 31. My district was having a big New Year’s Eve bash which I was asked to DJ. So, I had to be there for sure. The party ran through midnight and ended shortly thereafter. My parents had to be at the airport at 5am. Yeah, we were anticipating to be tired.

The party was fun. I think that despite the lack of sleep the party went well and it was fun to DJ again. I used to DJ parties for a living back in Arizona, so it was like riding a bike...but to new and less enjoyable music.

Rather than drive all the way back to my house only to sleep for a couple hours and then take my parents back down to the airport we just stayed a bit late at the chapel for cleanup and then made our way to the airport. They were able to access the President’s Club and rest there for a few hours until the flight out.

So, our great big holiday season wound down very nonchalantly. My parents are back home, I’m back to the daily grind as is Anna. We are both returning to our routines with the knowledge and in a very short time from now, it’ll all be changed again with the arrival of our first child. And hopefully by then I’ll be more vigilant about documenting it all. Oh, sure, there’ll be plenty of pictures and video clips of Maia (or maybe Benji). But, somehow, I have a feeling that blogging about life will take a back seat to living it. Here's to a brand new year.