Friday, September 26, 2003

"You never had a camera in my head." - Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank in The Truman Show

Is nothing sacred? Honestly. One thing I also miss when I live here is privacy. I have none! For instance, today I got a call from my good friend, Lamb. He got a new cell phone and I was the lucky first call. We are right in the middle of the call when my roommate comes in. I don't let it stop me, I just continue in my conversation. Soon, he finds my comments worth commenting on himself. I ignore him as I don't want to encourage such behavior. He still finds many things in my conversation interesting. I do admit, I have some well entertaining ones. My conversation ends, finally allowing my roommate the freedom to stop competing for my attention. He then tells me that he has another date tonight. To make me jealous or just inform me I am not sure. From what sounds like from my window I hear the voice of Romeo, a fellow RA. He can, and does, hear everything that happens in my room. I can't explain it well without a visual, but basically, we share a common window. The window starts in my room and runs along the outer wall and ends in Romeo's room. There is a wall that separates my room from his, but it stops at the window, making our rooms joined by about 4 inches on one end. He even passes things to me thru it sometimes. This time, he simply passed along his comments on both my roommates date of which I don't care and my conversation with Lamb which he shouldn't. Good thing we didn't discuss my plans to take over the world...
I live in a sort of clear bubble. Like Truman in the Truman show, only no one is trying to get me out.

In the infinite wisdom of the other RA's I work with, I seem to be the one stuck with most of the night shifts, and coincidently, with the following morning shift. Off at midnight, on again at 9am. Well, it's a living. At the end of the day, I am tired. I want to get to bed as soon as possible so I can squeeze in close to an actual 8 hours of sleep. I get home a couple of nights ago and find my roommate sitting infront of the lounge computer playing his usual cheezy yahoo internet games (hours on end). I mention my level of tiredness and desire for rest. He mentions to me that he would be asleep, but "what with all that African language, I couldn't get any rest." What was he talking about? I had no idea. I go into my room to find my tooth brush and begin the night ritual when I find a friendly looking African sitting in MY airchair, talking on the phone as casual as if he lived there. I grabbed my supplies (checked to see if my valuables were still there) and headed to the bathroom. On my way, I asked Roommate why he invited him in. I failed to realize that Africans are not like vampires, they can invite themselves in. So I go into my room and speak up, "Excuse me,'s past midnight and we are not allowed to have visitors in our rooms after that. So I have to ask you if you can leave now. Thanks..." Not quite the richeous indignation that I felt, but it did get the job done. He looked at me, not in anger or hurt, but rather almost like he was taken off guard, like it was odd that a complete stranger would walk up to him and ask him to leave.
Further, last night I was granted the joyous opportunity to work late again. I really worked late. I got to my lounge at 1am. I get in and see the back of a head that I don't recognize. That sounds odd, since people usually only recognize back of heads as well as they do the back of their hands. (When was the last time you had to identify yours in a lineup?) As I start my night ritual, which now includes kicking people out, I come to find its the Mongolian!! The very same that held be captive weeks ago. You can read about that further down (mon, sept 8-entry 2). I asked him, "What are you doing here?"
"I was reading my email."
"Ya, I can see that. What are you doing here."
"uh," followed by stoned silence. I didn't know I could do that to him. Why didn't I ask him that last time?
"Well, It's 1am, and not only are you supposed to be in your room, but we are not supposed to have anyone in ours."
He looked confused.
"So, basically, you need to use your own computer in your own lounge when it's late. Or day time..."
More confused.
"So you need to go."
"I cannot stay here?"
I lower my head and shake it as a gentle sigh leaks out...

"In case I don't see ya, Good afternoon, good evening and good night." - Truman Burbank

Monday, September 22, 2003

I must have put the emphasis on the wrong sylabel

"Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer are at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by isltef but the wrod as a wlohe."

--- Rowland Croucher

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Have You Lost Weight...?

"My mom says that I’m not fat, I’m festively plump." – Eric Cartman from South Park

There is a burden to be born when having two homes. I live in both Hawaii and Arizona. In both places there are people and places that are near and dear to me. I cannot be in both places at the same time, and therefore must put aside one for the other. Yet, there is always one good reason for leaving one to the other. See, it’s all about image.
There is something about myself that I have discovered recently that is a unique phenomenon. I think I first discovered this about a month ago when I ran into the Tupolo’s from Moloka’i. Michael, the youngest boy of the family, came to check in as a new student. I recognized him almost immediately, and vice versa. If you are reading this, you know that I served a mission here in Hawaii from 98 to 2000. I served in Michael’s ward. He figured it out when I told him I served in Moloka’i. First thing he said was, “oh, you must have lost weight.” “ya, I guess I did. Less rice everyday, ya know.”
Then I saw his mom again for the first time in 3 years. She thought I looked familiar at first, but couldn’t explain it. Then I told her. “Oh, you have lost weight.” “Ya, sure.” A week prior I ran into one of my old ward mission leaders, Jake Burden. He asked the same thing. A few weeks later, I ran into the Meneha family, who moved to Laie lately. Same question. Last semester I ran into the Kimokeo’s of Kahalu’u. Same.` Bro Forseith of Hale’iwa. Same. The Justicesons, formerly of Waialua now Laie, same. Last week a girl I haven’t seen for a few weeks saw me. She asked it too.
That was enough for me to figure it out. The memory of Jared is fatter than the presence of him. I have achieved the almost impossible fatness level that even David Copperfield couldn’t obtain. Every time you see me after a gap of time has passed, I appear to be several pounds lighter although in fact, no change has occurred. What an illusion!
If I say I am fat, no one has any problem with telling me that I am not, I am right in the perfect balance. I am neither fat nor skinny. I am the alpha of weight and the omega. I have achieved Fat Zen.
I shared my thoughts with a friend from the caf today, Jeff. He looked at me and said, “That’s odd. I thought you lost weight this summer, didn’t you?” Case closed.
Now if only I can convince them that I am actually skinny while in their presence. Or even better, muscular…

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Great Sence Of Humor...

I'm too sexxy for my humor, too sexxy for my humor. It's bound to wreck my future... - Adaptation of "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred.

Ah Hah! I've done it. I have figured it out! I now know what my problem is. I know why girls don't want to date me. Well, to be fair, some do. But the real hot ones, the ones that I am interested in and don't know all that well but want to get to know, they are the hold-outs.
You see, when a girl is ugly and a guy wants to set them up with a friend of his they always use the line, "Oh, but she has the best personality." That's not just a cliche. Infact, I still can remember one such blind date my bro-in-law set me up with last year that was a real sweet spirit...
So, does anyone ever wonder what is said in reverse? When a girl is tying to set her freind up with a guy who she obviously has no real intrest in, how does she try to sweeten the deal? I have learned only because I am that guy. They say, "Oh, but he has a great sence of humor."
Great, so i have an amazing sence of humor. So when a girl turns me down for a date, I will have no trouble at all finding a way to make a joke of it. and if you read down some, you'll find one such occurance.
So in a nutshell, my fault is just the very thing that you think would salvage me, my "great sence of humor". Cursed my witty ways! If only I had the personality of a dead moth or a wet rag, then I would have the mysterious guy thing going for me. And, as i have mentioned in prior enteries, I am without a doubt, the funniest guy in the world, so naturally, they must think i have some weird defect, perhaps under my clothes that they havent figured out yet. I suppose my riff about my 2 cardinal rules of dating, one of which is "never let her see you without a shirt on" only aludes to more abnomalities.
I think i must pledge to never say anything funny again. According to some, i have yet to start. If only I wasnt so darned funny that they wouldnt be destracted by that to notice my right sexxy bod...
These things are emailed all over, but this one i stole off of wendy's dakine. So, just for the heck of it, and i dont feel like being too funny right now, i'll do it...

girls...what? They smell good.
also, arizona rain, much better than vegas rain.

fish, sewer, dirty girls...oh yeah, they have a smell,too. no good. I have that smell down by heart.

RE: my summer...

Some day's it isnt worth it to knaw threw the leather straps.

i think i will make it a spin off of the book of Ether: The Son of Jared.
I also think i will have 12 sons. each will be named after one of the 12 tribes of israel. and to keep true to form as the scriptures would have, i wont even pay attention to the girls. they dont matter unless they are tempting some richeous guy to sin.

True Love...not to blave...

i used to. then i lost them. I also slept with Buska. when she dies, i will stuff her and sleep with a stuffed animal again...

Yep, but i honestly can say that I wish i hadn't.

the glass is twice the size it needs to be.

ya sure, if i didnt thnalkj adlf; k lkja; jkakdhiuwnv.,xm thionadf.

6, dont ask why. I'm not sure, but i am pretty sure it has something to do with another represed childhood memory that has tainted me to the point that i have come to find it funny.

oh, what i dream of to use ACTUAL toilet paper again!

I got your pillar right here....!

my life is REAL exciting these days. i think today it goes like this: lather, rinse, repeat.

besides the nipple pearcings?

Saturday, September 13, 2003

"I get it now, Death Therapy!" - Bill Murray What about Bob?

I know well that I am without a doubt the funniest guy in the world at this moment and time. I have learned to accept that and deal with it. (I suggest that you do the same.) But I still find it fun to see what others are saying and doing. I find gems of humor on a daily basis (mainly for sanity purposes). Today, one gem that stands out is from Stephelepsy. Her favorite body spray is Warm Vanilla Sugar. Girl things are weird. To me, it just sounds like something that would attract even more ants and other parasites into my already infested dorm room. While searching for it in the cubby below she finds bacon bits instead (ps steph, “bacon bits” is 2 words, not one (-: ). So if the bacon bits are under the sink, what took the void in the fridge? Ya, your sister is seeing spots right now after drinking Warm Vanilla Coke in a new spray dispenser. And now you know why dogs have been following you around, all of the bacon bits you have been applying to yourself in the morning. But, hey, guys like the smell, too.
Further, I was entertained by the story of the toilets. I feel like I was there. Why is it when girls encounter a leaking toilet, a bug, or anything that must be attended to right then to fix, they run to someone else to fix it instead. If it’s a speck of dirt on the floor, well then, they just tackle that right then and there, no waiting for something of that caliber. The child’s room is on fire? Better run to Mr. Husband to put it out…
That rant aside, let me get to where I was going. Steph admits there that she is afraid of toilets! Ya, I’m thinking the same thing you are… She says that WENDY-HOE understands. If wendy is also afraid of toilets, I can understand that, she lived in the dorms here at BYU-Hawaii for 4 months. That’s plenty enough of time to be scared for life, literally in some cases.
Want to know what one of the things I looked forward to the most about going home for the summer? It wasn’t my car, getting away from Fei, getting a job and money again, family, none of that shallow, supercilious stuff. It was the freedom to walk into my bathroom bare foot, sit on the toilet without a jerry rigged “butt-gasket” and walking out of the shower to my towel, naked.
See, here in the Hale (ha-lay, Hawaiian for dilapidated piece of…er… house) people don’t all have the same view of hygiene. Arabs like to throw the used toilet paper in the trash, since the plumbing is not so great where they come from. That makes for some great room air freshener. The Samoans and Tongans take the other extreme and flush 6-8 times. This may be graphic, but you have the same functions, so grow up. They let one log drop, and flush. Wait five minuets, and let one go again. Followed by another flush. Repeat as desired. This process makes the whole ordeal take 15-20 minuets; and that’s without reading material. I don't know how they do it. I've read too many articles about people on planes having spleens yanked out thru body cavities that way. And the rush of air to the exposed crotch due to the air dispalcement, ya, thats and odd sensation. The logic behind this is that when you really have to go and the Polynesian is in the only stall, you get all excited and your bowels shift into place at the sound of the flush. It’s kina like Pavlov’s Anus. The Polynesian smirks, and continues.
After seeing the grizzly appearance of some of the other residents, you would not care to press your naked cheeks up against theirs, and so I don’t. I have to line the seat with our toilet paper. Only, the toilet paper here isn’t toilet paper. It’s napkins. Ya, napkins. The very same you use to wipe your face with in the much applauded Caf. And you wonder why I don’t care for the food, now you have an idea of what else it reminds me of.
We do not have those cool paper life vest shaped deals. Besides, I usually rip the thing open trying to get the centerpiece off. If I don’t, then the hanging part of the center piece will get wet and by the time I close and lock the stall, the bugger fell in the toilet. So, I use napkins. It takes forever and the humidity here makes them stick to your legs when you stand up. It takes a long time to successfully take a dump here.
Then you walk to the shower. The girl’s Hale is worse with hair as long as the tape worms on the floor of the shower. But I have come to learn from sad experience that many fun germs and things live on the floor of showers here. I don’t just mean the many cockroaches that go to the great watering hole to die. One foot wart was all of a warning I need to tell me never, NEVER, stand barefoot anywhere near a public bathroom.
So I act almost like Bill Murray in “What about Bob?” when I got to the lavatory. Baby steps on the slippers to the toilet. Samoan only on his third flush, come back in ten min. Bush teeth. Ants feasting on the remnants of tooth paste from last brush. Wash hands only to find no soap, but bacon bits in dispenser instead. Dry hands with napkins and go to throw them in the trash where I find that within the last 20 minuets Apu Nahasmepadepmelon went number two. If you need me I’ll be in the shower, struggling on my back, kicking my legs with the cockroach next to me...

P.S. On a lighter note, whether it was from having the rats eat it off or from deuling germs, the foot wart is now gone...
I do like green eggs and ham. I do like them, Sam I Am. - Geen Eggs and Ham by Head Chef Seuss

So after my last rant about the caf, things have been getting more interesting. We had, and I cant make something this bad up, “Sweet and Sour Soy Chicken Burger” Monday. Only, they used BBQ flavored patties, so it was really Sweet and Sour BBQ Soy Chicken Burgers. That night we had Lamb Curry, or so it was called. It had the uncanny ability to glow on it’s own strength. It resembled the look of items in the back of Spencer’s in the mall where the black lights are, only, there were no black lights. I took a picture of it with my phone. My phone has no flash, but it was not needed for this subject. An interesting feature was the long bones found in it. I think I found the femur of an ompa lompa.
Oddly enough, the god of cafeterias smiled on me last nigh, Dominos Pizza was served. Then today for lunch, a friend of mine who’s wife works at Dominos, gave me pizza. I fell asleep during dinner and had another friend invite me to help finish her dinner; she ordered pizza. I am now sick of pizza, a good food. Yet, still no desire for caf food hand prepared by Dr. Seuss. (His actual remains were fed to us 6 months ago, but his protégé cooks for us to this day.)

Monday, September 08, 2003

It's People! The Caf food is People...

Today as i walk in the cafeteria i find that the main course today is adobo. Only, adobo must be different here in Hawaii, for it said "Adobe". I don't know, but the name "Chicken Adobe" dosent sound too appetizing. Still, it makes more sence than the time that we had "Fish & chips and Fries" for lunch last week.
So Shem, Jeff (a fellow RA) and i were discussing how they came to the conclusion to make chicken adobe. We deicided it was closer to the real content anyway. I speculated that the food was all leftovers from the MTC (missionary training center) in provo, maybe Brazil. That would explain why they sent me with a large box labled "Hazardous Waste" when i flew from there to here. My theroy is that they take the trays and scoop the food into a sorting grate. This grate seperates the food according to weight and size. Kinda like how a coin sorter works. Shem figured this would explain why they have a collection of used retainers in the back of the cafeteria.
They then take the food mixes and come up with fun sounding names for them. The creativity shows there. It's sort of like Willy Wonka's Cafeteria back there. They catch the freshmen swimming in the lake of chocolate milk all the time. (when you see one just floating there, dont touch him.) I figured they would often sneak over to the wall paper to take a lick, but the wallpaper isnt flavored, it's just left over food stuck to the walls. One of them licks the wall, "Hmm, this part tastes like chicken!" Then it hit me! Thats why we had Chicken Adobe today, that's what it was! They took the spatual, scraped the chicken skin off the wall, wraped it around a hotdog, used scotch tape to keep it on, then deep fried the whole thing. Voila! Chicken Adobe is served! They pocked fish bones into mine so i'd never suspect it wasnt a real animal. Shem found his retainer from the MTC there, and Jeff found the medical braclet of a missing freshmen in his chocolate milk...
"I have people skills [darnit]. I am good at dealing with people! Don't you understand that!? What the hell's wrong with you people!?" - Guy who gets fired in "Office Space"

Oh, a plethora of good stuff to wirte about today.

Last night, I was sitting in my hale (ha-lay) lounge watching what appeared to me to be as a new episode of "Futurama". I thnk it's a pretty cleaver show. So, half way thru this odd looking guy (basically looks like the mongolian version of my Bro in law, Mike) sits right down next to me. We are in MY lounge. He has his own. He knows no one in my lounge, including me. I guess you have to understand that I have the natural ability to attract the weirdest of the wierd folk. So he then askes me the plot. If you have ever seen Futurama, you know how the plots can be pretty difficult to explain, let alone to a guy that barley speaks english. He dosent get it, so i just tell him a nice lie to get him quiet. Then he would hear a word and ask me what it was. Amy was putting on nail polish and he asked, "What is Pole-ish." "A race of stupid people...but she's applying crud on her fingers..."
Next thing i know he is delving into all of his personal life. Did it make sence? No. Was it interesting? No. Was it even in english? Maybe.
I was getting tired of it when my show was over, i hadnt seen a bit of it since he came in, and now i realized it had been one hour without any peace and quiet. So, I then take my cell phone and send a text message to Lamb to call me. He dosent. So i send a text to Erika, she never misses a chance to call me. I got a text back saying that she was in a fireside and would call me later. D'oh. So, I thought about recording him. I have on min of this incoherent blabble. then i ramped it up and recorded him in video with my phone. It's some funny stuff.
Just as it has now passed an hour and a half, and i sunk into desperation and dispair, another foreiner from south korea walks by. This guy is just as bad. He calls me Jeremy. So I call him Donovan. I dont know what his name is, but untill he corrects me, i dont correct him. Donovan sits down and joins in the conversation. Joy! (how do you type sarchastic?) So I am now pinned between the 2. As I am about to submit to hopless bleak dispair for good and bid farwell to live, my phone rings! Lamb came thru!! "Oh, shoot! Sorry guys, I have to take this one. Hey." "Hey, whats so important." "What did you need?" "Uh, you called me." "Uh, ya, I think I do. Let me go check." "I think you've finally lost it." "Ya, it's in my room, let me go check." "Whatever."
So I hid in my room and rocked myself for fifteen min. I braved the cold outside to find that the box shaped mongolion had left, but Donovan was sticky. Cant shake him that easily. He then playes cruddy Korean music (brittney spears rip offs) and does me the favor of translating them. Worse than Backdoor Boys music. I look at my watch and grab a book. "Uh, gez, sorry, but it's getting sotra late and if i dont study now, i'll never do it." I had to be persistant, he wouldnt buy it otherwise. That didnt get him moving out of my lounge or away from my computer. So, I say, "well, i'm gona find a nice spot outside to read, you can stay in here if you like"
This was genious since it didnt matter what he did, i was free. As i step outside, it begins to poor rain. I dont care. I'm not going back for anyone. I walk to a nice covered bench, sit down and breathe. Then i open up my book to read, and the light above my head goes out...

Saturday, September 06, 2003

If The Shoe Fits...

...wear it on your head...

So, it's saturday. I'm tired and at work. Two things i dont like. So, this is funny. I think i was a bit over confident when i wrote yesterday. I called the girl I was to go on a date with lastnight at 8:45, the time she was expecting and 15 min till it was time to go. She answered and said that she wanted to make tonight a "homework night" instead. Ya, right. I have no doubt in my mind that she meant it. It just means that she would rather spend Friday night at home in her room doing homework than hang out with me. Afterall, she is busy with all her many classes on SATURDAY so she cant just do her homework then!! I really didnt care that much for her anyway, but i was looking forward to getting out and doing something. say lavee. (I dont know french.)
So I went to the stuff anyway. I ran into Erika, Lisa, and Shem. the four of us have been haning out a bit lately.
We did talk of hanging out there while at lunch anyway, so i called a cell phone and met up with them. After doing the rock wall a couple of times and going head to head with Shem in the cool sumo suits (that was a great photo op), we went into the dance hall where i promptly ditched them for a change and left.
Oh, but wait, i forgot. While we were waiting to do the sumo thing, Shem was talking to Glen (the weird but cool hat guy on campus, no relation to wendy's hat guy) about auditions for the play. Apparently, Ferie, the director, had the list posted already. That was quick. He usually already has the cast picked anyway. Last play, he cast someone who didnt even try out. I dont think he cares about tryouts, but does them for show. Shem was speaking to Glen of the cast list posted as if he didnt know i had tried out too, or that i was even there...
Ya, he didnt want to mention it to me since i wasnt on the list. Here i thought I did the cool "rebel" thing and i didnt even get squat anyway. I should have stuck with the "i cant" excuse instead of the "i suck" one.
Either way, i went home last night thinking of how I was going to have a date finally and would probably be in a play against the housing's wishes and things were turning out OK after all. Nix. No date, no play, no big suprise. Let's see if today could get worse...
This is a link i found for some old school vintage computer ads. It's wild to see the "high tech" machines of the day...

Vintage Computer Ads
Vintage Computer Ads

Friday, September 05, 2003

Daily Report...

You dont want to end up with a guy like me, I'm a loner...a rebel...
-Pee Wee Herman Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure

I wanted to try out for the next school play, a farce by Molier. The is the same guy who did Tartuffe. It was funny, but I don't know about this one. I assume that it will be good. I asked my dorm mom is she would mind. She didn't seem to hot on the idea. She didn't say it, but basically it was no. I have had a heck of a summer and my time here thus far hasn't been all that hot either. So, I felt that i needed this creative outlet. At lunch today i was talking with some friends who are trying out: Jeff, Shem, Lisa, Erika. Jeff, also an RA, was talking about how the rehearsals are from 3-6pm. And not on wed. when i cant be there due to RA class and i wouldn't have to be there for every rehearsal. so i fully defied authority, signed up and then looked over the supplied monologues. I was auditioning only hours later. Little did i know, he wanted to see us do all three monologues on the page. I had the one almost down and did the other 2 as a cold read. I did surprising well on the anger fight one. A little too well. I think my sordid summer and past few months helped supply some fodder there. I was yelling and screaming as well as i could. I wasn't just loud, i felt it. I really felt the anger and hate. It was nice to emote again. I think i did better on the cold reads than the one i tried to memorize. After the lethargic experience of having a mock fight with air, I almost want the part that does that scene.

So, tonight i have what i think counts as a date. Ya, weird, huh? I didn't think it was a big deal, but now i want to back out. I figure i just need to try dating again. I sort of dated Steph for a time. It was nice, but with the huge distance, it just didn't seem to click right. I don't know. If she lived in AZ or I lived in Vegas, thing probably would have been different. Point being, I want to be in a relationship again. I think a good portion of what i missed so much about Fei was the relationship and not her. Don't get me wrong i did actually feel for her, but i was holding on to her when i knew i had to let go. I think part of that was that i had never had a girlfriend, or a hope of one, prior and didn't want to lose it if i could help it. So, i have also been leery of getting in a serious relationship. this girl i am hanging out with is not one that i am actually interested in. Not for a relationship anyway. But i think this will be just a friend thing. I have this habit of flirting with girls that i can just because I don't usually have anything happen anyway. I dont mean to. Well, sometimes i do, when i am interested, but doubt it will happen. This girl, she is nice, but i am not interested, she is just nice. This is about just getting out, not getting a relationship. If the right girl shows up in front of my face, than i am sure i will feel a lot more ready for some serious lovin'. Well, this got long. And now i digress.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Heaven Is...

There is a catchy song on the soundtrack to "Malcom In The Middle" (my favorite half-hour comedy, non-cartoon) called "heaven is a half-pipe". Today, i learned that to be false. The truth is, heaven is sleeping until you wake up on your own free will. I did that today. I was supposed to wake up at 6am and get ready for my lame exercise class where I was to run a mile and a half. But last night i ran into Jayce (J.C.). She opened up my eyes, i saw the sign. She is taking the internet version of it. It is 2 credits, not just the one i get, and she doesn't have to go to class 2 times a week. She doesn't have to meet with the class to play stupid mandatory games and she don't have to run the lame mile and a half. She has the same tests i do, and still is supposed to do the same workout journal. Over all, it boils down to this: she has less work and less exercise, more free time and more credit for it. Sign me up! Alas, too late to sign up for that class. So what? I'm just going to drop that lame class and have one less credit. It's only loosing one stupid credit that takes up 2 class periods a week and 20 min of working out every day. How can that be only one credit? So this morning. I woke up on my own free will at 7:18am. I looked at those red pulsating LDC lines that make up the number and let out a sigh of relief. Then, I knew bliss once again as i slowly rolled back over, turning my face on my imitation quartz time piece, and hit the 'snooze' in my head...

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Good Sign of a Bad Day...

Ah, a good sign of a bad day. Last night, I was testing to see if some files on my computer were corrupted by attempting to play them. I started a movie "Billy Maddison". My roommate saw that and thought i was starting to watch it. So, I let it run while i took a shower and got ready for bed. I couldn't use the computer for my journal writing or email or homework, so i laid on my bed and watched it too. I fell asleep (i was tired). I came to just as the credits were rolling. I shut it all down and went to bed. I woke up at 7:50am on my own power. I realized that i forgot to set my alarm. Seeing how i have a class at 8, this makes things difficult. The good thing about living on campus is that it literally takes 2 min from bed to seat in class. I got dressed quickly and was in the good ole' GCB 140. I sat down and looked at the guy next to me. It was the guy who I home taught with last semester. Was he in my class? I never saw him before. I spoke up. "So, you're in my class?" "I think you're in MY class." It was CS201, it was Bro. Colton in the front of the classroom. But i checked my schedule just to make sure. Yup, that was the right class, at 11am. So i realized at 8 i was supposed to be in the classroom right next door, GCB150. Ahw. I quickly ran over there to find that they were engaged in a fun looking quiz. I took one from the teacher and sat down. Once we finished, he said, "This quiz was more of a way to see who would be on time. If you were on time, give yourselves an 'A', otherwise, a 'B'." I don't think my poor story will help me any.
Besides that, classes are just like usual. Pointless and filled with busy work. Ironically, most of my work is also filled with busy work. Today my dorm mom must be busy herself. She hasn't come in to find stupid little things for me to do yet. I shouldn't type that, I'm sure she can sense complacently from a mile.
The other night, I was working the night shift which should end by midnight. With five min to go, Mom walks in and asks that we go through the entire list, which is about 200 boys. When it is well past midnight-15, i ask if i can go since i have an exercise class at 7am and i work the morn shift. By 12:30, i was finally getting ready for bed.