Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Little Poem for Free Stuff...

I submitted a short little poem to enter a contest to win a new tablet from ViewSonic. So, go here http://blog.viewsonic.com/tablet-contest/#comment-314 to read it and give me positive reviews so I can win. All winnings will probably go to my wife. She'll appreciate your vote...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Name That Chick...!

With a baby on the way, we thought it would be nice if Maia were to not kill him the first five minutes after we brought him home. And, Anna has been looking on a friend's blog who has pet chick's for the kids to play with. That seemed like a good "starter" for Maia to learn how to be gentle, and fun for her, too. So, we got ourselves a baby chick.

Maia was so excited when we brought that chick home that she was literally shaking. We've been working on getting it food and shelter. But there is one thing have not been able to get it, and we need YOUR help...

So to recap, if you leave a comment on this blog post with your name submission, you can receive $150 USD (may be in shredded form) and a signed picture of the chick with its new winning name! Submissions must be in by July 1, 2012 Midnight Guam Time. The winner will be announced on July 4. Good luck!

Friday, June 08, 2012

It's A Boy...!

Today we had the official ultrasound for our new baby. Unlike Maia, this one was very helpful and liked to pose for photos. We've been hoping for a boy, and therefore calling the baby "him" or even by his soon-to-be nickname, "Benji" which will be short for Benjamin Warren Bodine. The ultrasound confirmed that he is indeed a he. 

Great profile shot. Thanks for posing, Benji! (Sorry you got your monther's nose.)

Yes, this is indeed a boy. It seems there is not much room for error.
Benji is due on Halloween, and this image shows he can be pretty scary looking when he wants to.