Sunday, January 15, 2017

Let's Do Lunch... with My New Podcast...

I've been a busy boy lately. I've been continuing my efforts on as a tech review site. I've been entertaining out-of-town in-laws for the last month. And I've been renewing my efforts to get my IT business, Bodine Tech, off the ground.

But, while doing all of that, I've also been producing my own podcast.

Let's Do Lunch is a podcast with a friend of mine from high school, Jon K., that I recently reconnected with. We always have fun and off-the-wall conversations. I decided it would be fun to meet with him every 2 weeks over lunch and let the rest of the world join in our good times.

Let's Do Lunch is the length of a typical lunch hour minus travel, so about 40-50 minutes. It's available on all the standard platforms as well. The links to all of the various sources is below. Next time you are eating lunch by yourself, or doing house work, or just want some company, give us a listen!

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